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I'm a Microsoft developer living in Sydney, Australia. I've been using .Net since the early betas and I'm a big fan of Visual Studio.Net, XML Web Services, SQL Server, SQL Reporting Services and Object Oriented design. It's a big improvement on the bad old days of Classic ASP spaghetti code.

I also love CSS positioning. I try to avoid frames and tangles of nested tables in my sites. I usually build fixed-width designs using CSS positioning. The code is much more concise, elegant and maintainable than a stack of table tags and it also loads faster.

I've been developing web software for around 7 years first using Classic ASP and then ASP.NET. For the last couple of years I've been living in Wellington, New Zealand where I have been working for the Department of Statistics (StatsNZ). I helped to develop a complex system to repair data collected by the nation-wide census. After a few months of overseas travel I'm back in Sydney and looking for work. You can download my resume here

Here's some examples of past work:

A couple of years ago I made the eco-innovate site for The University of New South Wales. I was responsible for all technical aspects of the Eco Innovate site from costing to designing and building a SQL 2000/ASP.NET database and hosting the site. The main features include an implementation of the forums, a complex application form, and backend database editing pages. Database functionality is only available to authorised users but you can have a look at some screen shots

Before this project I worked for 9 months with a team of programmers in the US on a site similar to Hotmail. My area of responsibility was a complex mail system that provided local mail similar to Hotmail and also access to remote POP and IMAP mail servers. Key tools were Visual Studio, SQL 2000 and NGSource (similar to MS Source Safe). This site is covered by a confidentiality agreement and cannot be shown to unauthorised users.

Another fun project was developing the Nettkost e-commerce site for a Norwegian client. This site includes all the normal e-commerce features such as a shopping cart and credit card ordering. It also includes some nifty functionality that displays related products depending on the behavior of the user. See

The GEOMS database contains all known Geomorphologic information related to the Hawkesbury-Nepean river system in Australia. The design allows users to either search the database or browse categories of information. It uses paging to keep the application responsive over slow dial-up connections and it also automatically produces a map of the study area. Check out the GEOMS Search Page

The Mend Site demonstrates some nice cross-browser CSS positioning and the use of ASP.Net User Controls for content management. All of the formatting information is stored in two files: a template aspx file and a style sheet. The content is stored separately in a series of .NET User Controls which are added to the template dynamically. When the site needs a face-lift in a few years, the entire thing can be changed by simply editing a couple of files. The site also uses the Microsoft TabStrip/MultiPage Web Controls.

I created this site as a tribute to my father who recently died. He led an incredible life including flying bombers in WWII, working on nuclear subs and manning a tracking station for NASA during the Apollo missions. The site isn't particularly technical but it does contain over 20 hours of stories from his life in Real Audio format. See

I wrote this XML Web Service for SQL Server Replication while working for Superior Software. Its purpose is to replicate databases over the Internet with minimal bandwidth usage and it is a nice demonstration of both XML Web Services and also dynamic generation of SQL commands using the new ADO.NET command builder.

Here's a little JavaScript calculator I made for the Riverbank Management Program.

Before Asp.NET I built sites using classic ASP. Check out this old resume site which includes a Fault Tracking Database that I made for a call centre using classic ASP.

If you have any comments about my site then please drop me a line at